Where is Hungary and what is the currency?

Hungary is one of the member of the EU Schengen countries for free movement of persons. The currency in Hungary is HUF (Hungarian Forint) and you can buy approx HUF 22'000 for 100 USD and HUF 30'000 for 100 Euros. Please check the current exchange rate and HUF fluctuates a lot. The beautiful Budapest is the capital of Hungary and over 4 million tourists visit Budapest every year.

What are the approximate living costs in Hungary?

The living costs in Hungary is much cheaper compared to western Europe. You will need at least EUR 600 monthly to survive and apartment rentals start from EUR 200 Besides these there are utility bills, which come around EUR 100

Can I visit UK with the residence permit issued by Hungary?

No. UK is not a Schengen member state and you will need visa to go to UK. If you have a residence permit issued by Hungary, you can apply for UK visa in Budapest.

What countries I can visit when i hold the Hungarian Visa?

Here are the countries that you can visit when you hold the Hungarian Visa: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

What services you provide in Hungary?

  • Company incorporation
  • Housing and Accomodation (must for visa)
  • Tax and EU VAT registration
  • Corporate/Business bank account opening in person
  • Residency permit/visas for family members
  • Accounting / Reporting to tax authorities
  • Virtual office service and company seat
  • Real Estate services
  • Airport welcome service
  • Translation from English to Hungarian or vice versa
  • Personal assistance
  • Emergency services
  • Market research

What are the advantages of residence permit issued by Hungary?

  • Freely do business with EU countries.
  • Take up jobs or get employed.
  • Freely visit all 25 EU schengen countries, without visa.
  • Spouse and children can be accompanied.
  • Affordable living costs compared to other EU countries.
  • No education requirement or languge skills required.
  • No business experience required.
  • No point based immigration system.

How do I apply for dependent visa for my spouse and kids?

If you have a valid residence permit, you can apply for "dependent visa" for your spouse, so that she could visit Hungary. The Hungarian authorities take about 3-4 months for approvals. Keep in mind that you have to show available funds in your bank account extra EUR 15'000 per dependent in your bank account.

Is minimum capital contribution needed to form the company?

Yes you need to deposit the capital or declare that you will do it within one year.

How long does the whole process takes?

It generally takes about 3 months for the whole procedure. Because the time taken by authorities are unpredictable, we recommend our clients to apply for Hungary program, well in advance before 6 months.

Do you provide invitations to visit Hungary for setting up a company?

We do offer invitation letters to our clients, so that they can visit Hungary, to do market research before forming a company in Hungary. Market research and exposure to Hungary laws and regulations is very important for running a company in Hungary. Company incorporation are faster if you come in person.